Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Copa Podio MW GP 2013 Highlight

Copa Podio is Brazil's #1 professional jiu-jitsu tournament. For their 2013 middleweight Grand Prix event they brought together some of the best fighters from around the world for a night of incredible action, featuring Felipe Pena, Diogo Moreno, Paulo Miyao, Travis Stevens, Kit Dale, Davi Ramos, Manny Diaz, and many more. Also on the card was a 1hr submission-only match between Clark Gracie and Diogo Borges, and a 10-min no-gi fight between Leandro Lo and Claudio Calasans.

All middleweight Grand Prix fights are being edited and will be available On Demand from the Copa Podio website from September 17. http://www.copapodio.com

Full results:
Clark Gracie def Diogo Borges collar choke 22.38 (1hr sub only match)
Renato Cardoso Travis Stevens via triangle
Paulo Miyao def Manny Diaz 2-0
Felipe Pena def Alex Ceconi 7-0
Diogo Moreno def Davi Ramos points
Paulo Miyao vs Jaime Canuto: draw
Travis Stevens def Manuel Diaz points
Diogo Moreno def Kit Dale 5-2
Davi Ramos def Alex Ceconi via toehold
Manny Diaz def Renato Cardoso 2-0
Travis Stevens def Jaime Canuto via omoplata
Felipe Pena def Davi Ramos via choke
Kit Dale def Alex Ceconi 2-0
Paulo Miyao def Travis Stevens points
Jaime def Renato Cardoso points
Diogo Moreno def Alex Ceconi via points
Felipe Pena def Kit Dale via points
Manny Diaz def Jaime Canuto via armbar
Paulo Miyao def Renato Cardoso via choke
Davi Ramos vs Kit Dale: draw
Felipe Pena def Diogo Moreno via triangle
Diogo Moreno def Paulo Miyao 4-2
Felipe Pena def Travis Stevens 7-2

Leondro Lo def Claudio Calasans 7-0 (10 min no gi superfight)

3rd place match:
Paulo Miyao def Travis Stevens 2-2 adv

Felipe Pena def Diogo Moreno points

Copa Podio MW Grand Prix - 2013 Highlights


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